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  1. Shaun White Double McTwist Video

    Category: Partners/Burton Snowboards

    Have you ever seen a Double McTwist on a snowboard? A 'regular' McTwist is a skateboarding trick in which the rider doest a front flip while also spinning a backside 540. Different grabs can be used to ...
    Wednesday, July 13 2011
  2. Tricks Revealed: Demystifying the Snowboard Language

    Category: Features/How To

    ... the rider faces. Japan Air – Rider takes off with the front hand grabbing the toe edge, the front knee tucked and the back arched while pulling the board level with the head. McTwist – Rider approaches ...
    Friday, April 01 2011
  3. Kevin Pearce: Joyous in Recovery, Thankful to be Alive

    Category: News/Everyday

    Shaun White’s execution of the Double McTwist 1260 spun Olympic Gold while it almost killed fellow U.S. Snowboarder Kevin Pearce. Pearce is now more than a year removed from a devastating brain injury ...
    Monday, March 07 2011
  4. Shaun White's Unprecedented Success

    Category: Features/Athletes

    ... move a "1260 McTwist". The American public loves watching athletic legends come to age—as evident in our ceaseless support of Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and other superstars. As Shaun White ...
    Saturday, February 12 2011
  5. Kaitlyn Farrington - the female face of Snowboarding

    Category: Features/Athletes

    ...  Oddly enough, Farrington prefers slopestyle to superpipe. But her arrayal of pipe tricks (including Cabs, McTwists, switch, and backside spins) place her above and beyond the average competition. Originally ...
    Thursday, February 10 2011
  6. Four-peats and Firsts: Winter X Recap

    Category: News/Everyday

    ... was up to his old tricks again – actually his new tricks – winning his fourth-consecutive Superpipe Gold Medal. White cemented the win with his newly patented “Double McTwist 1260” in his second run, earning ...
    Wednesday, February 02 2011

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