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  1. Twisted Bindings

    Category: Products/Equipment

    Twisted Bindings announces a revolutionary new snowboarding device that allows riders the ability to rotate their front foot 90 degrees, parallel to the board, similar to that used in skateboarding.  How ...
    Wednesday, August 31 2011
  2. Supergirl Jam Snows on Venice Beach

    Category: News/Everyday

    ... both snowboarding and skateboarding to compete in a unique competition on the boardwalk right in the heart of Venice Beach. It is designed to help close the gender gap in extreme sports that often favors ...
    Wednesday, August 24 2011
  3. Shaun White Double McTwist Video

    Category: Partners/Burton Snowboards

    Have you ever seen a Double McTwist on a snowboard? A 'regular' McTwist is a skateboarding trick in which the rider doest a front flip while also spinning a backside 540. Different grabs can be used to ...
    Wednesday, July 13 2011
  4. Product Review - VPD Hydration Pack

    Category: Products/Gear & Apparel

    ... amount of H2O. The pack comes with a ton of credibility, as it’s used by BMX, skateboarding, cycling and various other athletes. The ingenuity behind the Spine VPD Hydration Pack is the ability to ...
    Wednesday, June 08 2011
  5. Alex Schlopy - Not Schlopy at All

    Category: Features/Athletes

    ... Holly Flanders. Skiing apparently runs in the genes, but Alex sticks to the slopestyle course rather than the speed course. Native of Park City, Utah, Schlopy still resides there and enjoys skateboarding ...
    Tuesday, April 05 2011
  6. A Strong Man: X-Games Winner Overcomes Devastating Injury

    Category: Features/Athletes

    ... jumped on the board once more, hoping, praying, he could still participate in the sport he loved. “A couple years into my recovery, I was skateboarding and was like, ‘Wow, I'm able,'” Strong said. “I ...
    Monday, March 28 2011
  7. The Spooner: A New Take On the Fun Board

    Category: Products/Gear & Apparel

    ... strips on the top side and a tough but slippery bottom. The idea is you can simulate your favorite balance sports--skateboarding, snowboarding, skinboarding--on almost any surface. While the length ...
    Thursday, February 24 2011
  8. Shaun White's Unprecedented Success

    Category: Features/Athletes

    ... and more often than not, a big grin across his face. Just 24-years old, "The Flying Tomato" has already claimed his spot in snowboarding and skateboarding lore. White has been on the extreme sports ...
    Saturday, February 12 2011
  9. Volcom Lets Kids Ride Free

    Category: Sport/General

    Peanut Butter and Rail Jam lets everyone ride for freeSurfboarding, skateboarding and snowboarding company, Volcom, is initiating a grass roots campaign titled, “Let the Kids Ride Free”. The campaign tours ...
    Friday, February 11 2011

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