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Athlete Profile: Ellery Hollingsworth Hot

Ellery_HollingsworthNot many people are considered pioneers at age 19, let alone a snowboarder, but Ellery Hollingsworth is blazing trails usually reserved for her elder, more seasoned competitors.

Hollingsworth’s snowboarding journey started at just six years-old when she first jumped on the board, although she wasn’t one of those one-sport-only-child-prodigy-types – pursuing hockey, running, soccer, surfing, golf – basically whatever her two brothers, Jeb and Kyle were into when they were growing up.

Suffering a bad hockey-related concussion at age 11, forced this girl from Darien, Connecticut, to shift her focus solely on snowboarding, and what a momentous decision it turned out to be.

Just a few short years later, after much pleading and begging with her parents Dana and Linherr Hollingsworth, Ellery was enrolled fulltime at the Stratton Mountain School in Stratton, Vermont.

The producer of top board talents such as Danny Davis, Ross Powers and Louie Vito, the Stratton Mountain School focuses on intense professional snowboard training in the morning and serious academic study in the afternoon. At a young age, riders are also afforded the opportunity to travel to competition and get the feel for being professional

Ellery flourished at SMS, and now the school can add her name to its wall of fame because she is a big time professional and not yet even 20 (okay, she will be in September, but still).

Accomplishments began piling up after the decision to matriculate through SMS, the first of which being named Rookie of the Year at the 2006 US Open Snowboarding Championships.

A third place overall finish in the Burton Global Open Series in 2007 grabbed everyone’s attention, including the media, as Ellery was featured on FuelTv and in ESPN Magazine, amongst others.

Two short years later, 2009 ushered in true stardom for Hollingsworth, becoming the first woman to land the vaunted 1080 in a halfpipe and being named Transworld’s Rookie of the Year in the fan poll. That same year Ellery was named to the United States Snowboarding Team as well.

Her numerous snowboard podiums and accomplishments has led to the inclusion of major sponsors, Nike. 6.0, Gatorade, Burton and Oakley – all of which recognize her as one of the top young talents in snowboarding, poised to gain some major results in the near future.

Despite the snow focus, Hollingsworth sees outside herself and wants to be a role model to younger women, saying, “I hope that I can inspire girls to become more active and get into sports, preferably in snowboarding and I hope to progress women's snowboarding to new levels each season.”

To that end, Hollingsworth is a member of The Women’s Sports Foundation – the leading authority on the participation of women and girls in sports, advocating equality, educating the public, conducting research and offering grants to promote sports and physical activity for girls and women.

Needless to say, Ellery Hollingsworth is the type of female athlete all young ladies should aspire to be, and is one we’ll be keeping our eye on in the years to come.

-Ryan O'Leary

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