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How to Prepare for Skiing Hot

Learning How to Ski
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If you want to start skiing, you need to prepare. Skiing is loads of fun, but it can also be physically demanding. You can save yourself a lot of grief and maybe some pain if you get yourself prepared in advance — and that means you'll have more fun on the slopes.

Like most things in life, sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Don’t let all of the gear and potential skill sets of skiing keep you from getting out on the slopes. Below are six basic tips that will help you prepare yourself for jump starting your skiing career!

1. Stay Healthy

Skiing is a very physical activity, so you need to prepare your body first and foremost. Your general fitness has a direct impact on how much fun you have, whether you are skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or even snowmobiling. Keeping unhealthy pounds off will help keep the volume on the fun turned up.

Cardiovascular endurance will help you go farther and longer, with less discomfort. Having a general level of good fitness will help you get out, and stay out, on the slopes with more confidence and endurance and lessen the learning curve.

2. Watch Videos

Visualization is crucial for any sport, especially physically demanding and extreme sports like skiing and boarding. All professional athletes watch videos of their sport and many prepare for games by watching videos of their opponents in advance.

Watching popular skiing videos, or ski porn as they are often called, will stick in your mind and your subconscious for days afterwards. Fall asleep to them. Dream of skiing like a champ. Then wake up the next day, well rested, and manifest your dreams of becoming a great skier. Visualize yourself doing it and it will come.

3. Train in the Gym and Park

Once you have the very basics down — healthy eating and a general level of fitness — it doesn’t hurt to introduce some sport-specific training. You need to train your body to automatically move and react in certain ways. The movements of skiing need to become second nature and you can start before you ever hit the slopes.

Many resources on this topic exist. Everything from proprioception exercises to core strength, agility training, strength building and fast twitch muscle training all come into play when skiing. Take a ski-prep class at your gym, cross-train by biking and swimming laps, and then you'll hit the slopes in the best physical condition possible.

4. Invest in the Right Clothing

Believe it or not, clothing is gear and having the right apparel really does make all the difference. This isn’t about having the latest trend or making a fashion statement. It's about functionality. It's about being warm, comfortable, and happy in your clothing.

This may sound shallow, but when you look good, you feel good. Dressing in layers, staying warm and dry, and being able to move comfortably without restriction are all crucial when it comes to success is skiing. You should investigate some of the myriad of modern fabrics out there designed to achieve all of these factors.

5. Take a Lesson

The temptation exists to go it on your own, maybe get a few tips from friends or to try what you saw in your videos. Don't give in! Nothing replaces a lesson from a certified ski instructor who can offer you an unbiased, time-tested progression for building a solid skiing foundation.

They are trained to assist and support you in aspects ranging like suggesting proper clothing, understanding your gear, teaching you how to read the mountain, and even skiing etiquette. Skiing is like any other sport: it is built on fundamentals which can only be learned with the proper initial instruction. Buy your instructor lunch and they will be your friend for life.

6. Stick With It

Good preparation for skiing isn't something that you can just "do" then walk away from. Once you’ve invested in the proper apparel, hit the gym for a few weeks, fallen asleep night after night to the latest ski flicks, and taken a few lessons, now it’s time to really commit.

Plan multiple ski trips for the upcoming ski season. Buy a season pass. Quit your job and become a ski bum. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

Those lessons won’t stick with you forever. Preparation is only helpful if you make use of it. Fundamentals are only good if you practice them. Just remember, skiing one weekend a year doesn’t make you a skier. You have to stick with it, build upon those fundamentals, get those fancy new ski clothes dirty, and get hit the slopes every single chance you get.

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