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Sweetgrass Production's Little Known Short Film Last Light Hot

Last Light is a unique and breathtaking short film from Colorado-based winter filmmakers Sweetgrass Productions. While many skiers and riders are familiar with the group's longer backcountry adventure epics Signatures and this season's heralded release Solitaire, Last Light is a lesser-known short film shot and edited by Sweetgrass Producer Ben Sturgulewski.

The film Last Light, sponsored in part by Patagonia, long famous for their support of environmental based adventure projects, was shot in Spring 2011 in Haines, Alaska as well as in Glacier Bay National Park.

The Beauty of Last Light

"All of Sweetgrass' films try to focus on the beauty of a singular moment, in snow -- we're always trying to slow things down and take a harder look at the things you usually take for granted, be it a spray or the light sifting through falling snow or the smile of a skier after an awesome run. Things that come and go instantly," says Ben Sturgulewski.

"As cinematographers we're always looking for the best possible light. Having good light accents all those little moments and bring them to life. In Alaska, during that time of the year, the light at the end of the day is absolutely incredible and is a photographer's or cinematographer's dream come true," Ben Sturgulewski explains.

"But the heli operations there all shut down well before dark. There isn't really any other way to capture those final fleeting seconds of light besides camping right at the base of the line, so you can ski it at the last possible moment before riding down to your tent and lighting up the stove. So ultimately, our goal and purpose was pretty simple--find the best possible light possible and mine it like gold."

The Magic of Last Light

In the words of the producers: "There is an undeniable magic in alpenglow -- the final seconds of a day's light that give mountains impossible texture and life before falling into shadow. In the endless spring hours of Haines, Alaska, light is as bountiful as snow."

For those of you that have experienced 'last light,' you know there is no sweeter sight for the eyes than the purple haze of alpenglow descending upon the mountainside after a day spent playing in deep powder snow.

Look for Sweetgrass Productions' next film to be released in September 2013.

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