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Wachusett Mtn Night Skiing is available at Wachusett MountainEnjoy Quiet Mountain Skiing at Wachusett

While many resorts are looking to become bigger and better than the competition, Wachusett Mountain is aiming to provide bigger and better service on its small, snowy mountain. With only 27 trails, Wachusett manages to attract over 600,000 visitors each year to its Princeton, Massachusetts location. Visitors to the mountain will be greeted with smiling staff members who focus on customer service and making your trip memorable instead of the “get them in, get them out” routine of massive fast paced resorts.

Mountain Stats:

  •          110 Skiable Acres
  •          27 Trails
  •          8 Lifts
  •          Longest Trail: 1.5 miles
  •          Wachusett Mountain is the highest peak east of the Connecticut River.
  •          Night Skiing Available

Wachusett Mountain started in 1930 and has continued to grow to help meet the needs of its visitors. One of the most recent additions is a homey ski lodge that features Waffle Haus, Starbucks and three other restaurants and bars for visitors. The mountain is continually covered with snow thanks to the massive snow guns that reach every nook and cranny of the skiing trails. Trails are also groomed twice a day to ensure smooth riding. Lessons are available for children and adults. Currently there is no mountain lodging at Wachusett but there is a 74 room inn nearby at Wachusett Village Inn and Conference Center.

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