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Granite Gorge, New HampshireGranite Gorge, New HampshireLooking for a quick getaway for quality family fun? Check out the slopes in Southern New Hampshire’s Granite Gorge. Between the exhilarating black diamond trails and the breathtaking terrain parks, there is plenty of adventure to be found by snowboarders and skiers.

Granite Gorge offers instructional classes for new snowboarders and skiers, providing the confidence they need to ride the mountain in their own time. The terrain park is also well groomed and maintained, draped with groups of rails, rainbow jumps, and boards. Granite Gorge has even installed a towing system to get riders to the top of the mountain in no time.

The venue is also a great opportunity to meet new people with its focus on social events. Granite Gorge hosts “rail jams” and parties every day.

Keep an eye out for riders David Morin and Cody Delano for any further questions about Granite Gorge. They’re always out riding the rails and are ready to teach visitors their tricks.

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