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Chateau_Lafayet-0393_32144Travel is something that we all love, but never get enough time to actually do it. The rigors of daily life often weigh us down. So, when you have the opportunity to collect your thoughts, relax and enjoy life, you’ll want to in an environment that not only caters to your relaxation needs, but also your adventurous side. This month’s business spotlight is on Nemacolin, a retrofitted luxury adventure resort nestled in Farmington, PA.

Alligator_Snapp-0393_21006Created by 84 Lumber founder, Joe Hardy, the 3,000 acre complex houses one of the most unique, whimsical, actionpacked, and relaxing journeys into a luxury vacation that you could imagine. The mind-blowing amount of activities, restaurants, and overall culture of excellence leaves nothing to the imagination. Every intricacy, devoid of any mediocre tendency, is executed by the staff of roughly 1,100.

thumb_Woodlands_Spa__-0393_18592After speaking with the GM of Nemacolin, Chris Plummer, it’s very obvious that the number one priority of every employee is customer satisfaction. Now, every resort says that they focus on customer happiness, but most times it’s just something to say to get people to visit. Very rarely is true customer satisfaction engrained in the DNA of any staff, let alone 1,100 employees…One is bound to slip through the cracks, right? Not this time.

Something that Chris said resonated in me, “This is bigger than any of us.” Who would expect to hear anything like that? I figured he would say something cliché like, customer service is number one; but an answer like that really showed his passion for his position at Nemacolin. So, what makes this place so great? Well, for starters, how about a fully-fledged safari. Yeah, that’s right, I said a safari. As in animal safari. Nemacolin houses wildlife habitats that consist of lion, hyenas, bears, zebras, mountain goats, and a cornucopia of international wildlife. They also are host to The Wildlife Academy, a one-of-a-kind learning experience for children and adults that includes a petting zoo, animal nursery, and various wildlife shows.

thumb_Dog_Sledding-0393_32906Not into animals? Don’t worry a bit; you might want to head over to the Adventure Center. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, or just like the outdoors, this just might be your cup of tea. The AC offers an Off- road driving academy, climbing wall, ropes course, paintball, biking, and 18-hole miniature golf course. If you want to step up your golf game, Nemacolin also has two PGA caliber courses, driving ranges, and golfing school, just in case you don’t hit a 58 on your first round. I seem to shoot a 52 every time I play alone, but my score gets increasingly worse when I play with people…very suspicious.

Something that I found particularly interesting was the Shooting Academy, which consists of 140-acres of shooting fun. Small game, clays, or just tackle the range with a pro instructor; It’s all there, just for your enjoyment. A myriad of other activities including tennis, a 2,500 sq ft exercise facility, swimming, and equestrian center round out the roster.

thumb_Academie_du_Vin-0393_21252For all you art lovers, Nemicolon offers a daily tour of founder Joe Hardy’s private collection. A collection worth an estimated 45-million dollars.

If you prefer winter sports, don’t fret, Nemacolin offers snowboarding, skiing (Both adult and children), snow shoeing, and tubing. Also a must do if you’ve never been on a dog sled ride, you can hitch up and ride off into the sunset with their Alaskan Huskies.

Shopping shouldn’t be much of an issue with 14 retail shops and boutiques spread across the complex. Stores include bath and body products, sporting goods, jewelry, art, men’s and women’s clothing, luxury accessories, homegoods, children’s toys and apparel, cigars, souvenirs, and of course…coffee.

thumb_Snowboarding-0393_32914We all love eating, so why not do it in style. Should you prefer a luxurious night out on the town, or a relaxing evening with the family, Nemcaolin offers both atmospheres to suit your mood. From award winning French cuisine, to NY style pizza, everyone and anyone can enjoy their culinary adventures at Nemacolin. Orville’s Pub and Grille has a very electric vibe. Sitting in the dining area and listening to all of the people talking and laughing offers a warm atmosphere, and great food to boot.

thumb_New_Years_Eve_a-0393_32779For a more sensuous experience, first off…leave the kids at one of the many supervised activity centers provide by Nemacolin, then head over to Lautrec, a 2008/2009 AAA five Diamond award winner and purveyor of a luxurious dining experience. The restaurant, which specializes in putting an exciting twist on French Cuisine, is one of only fourteen restaurants to achieve the AAA award for 2009. If you want an elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere, take on this eatery, you won’t be disappointed.

For the culinary and wine enthusiast, Nemacolin offers wine tastings by the resort’s sommelier. All tastings take place in the state-of-the-art “Academie du Vin” wine room. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how the best chefs in the world do what they do, make sure you sign up for Nemicolon’s Art Culinaire cooking class. Each class is hosted by one of Nemicolon’s award winning chefs, and you walk away with a very cool Nemicolon apron, and a tasting of the food prepared.thumb_Autumn_Wine_Cel-0393_21294

Guests can also opt for afternoon tea, which gives resort goers a taste of old world charm. Plus, it’s the only place where you can raise your pinky while you drink with no fear of persecution.

Overall, Nemicolon is an action-packed luxury resort with a massive amount of activities, programs, services and products that cater toward upper-middle class families. The price point for a night stay ranges from $279.00-$3,000 per night. Food is relatively affordable depending on which restaurant you frequent, and all of the resorts extra activities are either included, or are available at an affordable price point.

thumb_Chateau___Aeria-0393_20801The staff culture is extremely dedicated to client service and the overall feel of the resort is luxuriously affordable. Nemicolon has won several awards, been written about numerous times, and has a fleet of fans and admirers for good reason. They know who they are, and they know their customer. A truly selfless company, not focusing on anything but client service, what a concept. For more information logo onto

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