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HermonMtnHermon Mountain is a small, family-owned ski area located in Hermon, Maine. Here, you wont find the expectations or costs of fancy ski resorts—just good old-fashioned fun. Located just 17 miles from Newport, Maine Hermon Mountain is an ideal stop for the beginning skier.

The ski area offers ski and snowboard lessons for beginners—no experience required. Hermon Mountain also has wide and flat practice hills so the novice skier can learn the physics of skiing and gain confidence. If the first timer takes some spills and decides skiing or snowboarding isn’t for them, Hermon Mountain has you covered; they offer a tubing hill for non-skiers.

Considering Hermon Mountain makes the majority of their own snow, skiing is available all winter, even if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate. It also provides the luxury of skiing in warmer weather. Hermon Mountain also offers night skiing, every night—A rarity for most ski areas. This allows residents to forget their workday by indulging in a few hours of skiing, capping their day off right.

Hermon Mountain has one lift that services the entire area—about a dozen runs. While most of the runs are easy, there are also narrower and steeper routes for the more advanced skiers. All runs end at the main lodge, which offers lots of salty foods and cold drinks.

While Hermon Mountain may not have the high-speed lifts and elaborate chalets, their prices reflect this fairly. You can ski all day for $25 and in the evening for only $20. Being a student will save you $5 on a lift ticket and if you’re a senior citizen or a child under 4, a day on the slopes is completely free.

Hermon Mountain is not a must for the avid skier looking for thrilling routes, nor the casual skier looking for fancy lodges and beautiful scenery. Nonetheless, it has quite a bit of good to offer—especially for beginners.

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