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Angel Fire Resort, New Mexico Hot

Angel Fire Resort in New MexicoSki the Sunset at Angel Fire Resort

Arguably one of the most breathtaking locations in the United States, Angel Fire, New Mexico is continuing to amaze visitors with its luxury resort during the winter months. Visitors will be greeted by majestic views of the mountain that provides endless miles of scenery. At Angel Fire Resort you will find the perfect private snowcation location without breaking the bank.

Mountain Stats:

  •         Average Annual Snowfall: 210”
  •          7 Lifts
  •          2 Freestyle Parks
  •          Night Skiing
  •          Snowtubing Available

Being in the warmer part of the country, Angel Fire Resort does not open for snow sports until mid-December. Aside from the views, Angel Fire is recognized for its Liberation Park for advanced riders looking to perfect their tricks and Low Rider Park for beginners. Lesson groups include Nordic, children, adult and adaptive skiing and snowboarding.

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