Wintergreen Resort, VA

Wintergreen Resort rests easten on the Blue Ridge MountainsTackle the Slopes at Wintergreen Resort

Virginia may typically associated with warmer weather; however, Wintergreen Resort delivers buckets of snow for the winter enthusiast. With numerous accolades under their belt including “Best Snow Skiing Spot” by Washington Post’s Express Best of 2009, Wintergreen Resort is able to take your snow-cation to the next level. Nestled quietly on the eastern slopes of Blue Ridge Mountains, the resort offers high class amenities and atmosphere at a reasonable price.

Wachusett Mountain, Massachusetts

Night Skiing is available at Wachusett MountainEnjoy Quiet Mountain Skiing at Wachusett

While many resorts are looking to become bigger and better than the competition, Wachusett Mountain is aiming to provide bigger and better service on its small, snowy mountain. With only 27 trails, Wachusett manages to attract over 600,000 visitors each year to its Princeton, Massachusetts location. Visitors to the mountain will be greeted with smiling staff members who focus on customer service and making your trip memorable instead of the “get them in, get them out” routine of massive fast paced resorts.

Snow Trails Resort, Ohio

Snow Trails is Ohio's first ski resortSki Snow Trails

Way back in 1961 the first snow resort was built in Ohio. Today, Snow Trails Resort is known for its ability to be first in nearly everything it does. Whether its starting a snow resort, updating to the latest and greatest equipment or purchasing the first snow making machine, Snow Trails is surely second to none. The average snow season lasts 91 days on this 200 acre resort. Snow Trails is the perfect place to get away and ski for a day without feeling over crowded.

Granite Gorge, New Hampshire

Granite Gorge, New HampshireLooking for a quick getaway for quality family fun? Check out the slopes in Southern New Hampshire’s Granite Gorge. Between the exhilarating black diamond trails and the breathtaking terrain parks, there is plenty of adventure to be found by snowboarders and skiers.

Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort, Tennessee

Ober Gatlinburg

Who says you can’t go enjoy the snow and fun in the south? Among nature’s gorgeous spectacle of the Great Smokey Mountains, resting deep within the small town splendor of Gatlinburg, is Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort and Amusement Park in Tennessee. Offering alpine and night-time skiing, this family owned and operated resort was named one of the Top 10 Ski Destinations in the United States.

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