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Cross-Country Skiing, the Wintertime Activity You've Been Looking For? Hot

Cross Country Skiing Burnes CaloriesCross Country Skiing Burns Calories The cold, short days of winter can be present an obstacle for the average person to get the exercise they need. Perhaps cross-country skiing is a solution as research shows it is both an effective and efficient way of burning calories.

During an hour of cross-country skiing an average individual will burn 650 calories.  In context, a person on average burns 450 calories walking, 540 calories cycling and 520 calories downhill skiing, per hour.

The main reason cross-country skiing burns calories at a quicker rate than walking, cycling or downhill skiing is because cross country skiing utilizes muscles throughout an individual’s entire body. These other activities predominantly focus on muscles in one’s legs.

Why is it important to burn these calories? Consider these statistics:

65% of Americans are considered to be obese or overweight and only 30% of Americans get consistent exercise. What’s more startling is that these numbers are growing and shrinking, respectively.

But burning calories and getting consistent exercise is important for individuals who do not struggle with obesity as well. Consistently burning calories contributes to an increase in energy and an improved disposition.

Not only does cross-country skiing burn calories, it is also a very accessible wintertime activity. The movements used to cross-country ski are natural to the human body making the learning curve short. Many people can become proficient skiers on their first attempt.  The natural movements and the soft, groomed snow are easy on our joints and muscles, making cross-country skiing a viable option for a wide range of ages, from young kids to senior citizens.

There are over 350 cross-country ski areas in North America alone; a tremendous amount considering only the northern part of the continent gets snow. Chances are if you live in a region that gets snow, a cross-country ski area is near you. Most of these areas offer rentals and instructions.

The relative simplicity of the activity and the many positive effects make cross-country skiing a practical and beneficial wintertime activity. So the next time you feel physically restricted by the long, cold winter, consider giving cross-country skiing a try—it may be just what you need.

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