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Shaun White Teams Up With Stride Gum Hot

Shaun White Stride GumTwo time Olympic snowboard medalist, Shaun White, is teaming up with Kraft Foods to be the next spokesperson for Stride Gum.



The 23-year old “Flying Tomato” recently signed a two-year deal with Stride Gum, in which he will be the official brand spokesperson for “The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum”, participating in giveaway and social media campaigns.

“Shaun embodies what the brand is all about,” marketing director, Gary Osifchin, who is trilled to have White sign on to the campaign. “[He’s] always on the cutting edge with the unexpected and groundbreaking,” Osifchin told PR Newsletter.

Stride Gum, offers consumers almost 15 flavors, including their Winterblue, Sweet Peppermint, Sweet Berry, Forever Fruit, Always Mandarin, Nonstop Mint, Uber Bubble, Eternal Melon, Mega Mystery. They also market their Stride Shift, the first-ever flavor changing gum.

White is also signed to deals with Burton Snowboards, Oakley, Red Bull, Ubisoft, and Target.


-Catherine Boyd

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