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Finally, a Sports Movie About Skiing

skiThe sports film industry has certainly developed a niche in Hollywood. We've all seen great baseball, basketball, football, and hockey films. Heck, we've even seen a bobsledding film. However, one sport that is often overlooked is downhill skiing. You'd think that such a popular sport would have established a theatrical calling, however skiing has been surprisingly absent from the film scene.

Not to worry, there is a ski film in the works, which has been a long time coming since Cusack appeared in the mid-eighties classic, Better Off Dead.

Comedy director Ron Underwood is in the process of working on his next film: Woodchucks, a ski comedy about a Vermont ski team that's trying to save their favorite mountain from a corporate resort developer. kids-underwood

Underwood is known best for City Slickers and Tremors, so Woodchucks is likely to be a lighthearted comedy. Is it possible to make a film that is both a legitimate sports film and a comedy? Well, that's for the viewer to decide. While he hasn't directed sports films in the past, Underwood, an enthusiastic skier, hopes to do the sport justice.

"I'm an avid skier and I can't wait to showcase the sport", Underwood says. He also comments on the lack of ski films within the sports genre. "It's been a long time since 'Downhill Racer,' and while 'Woodchucks' is certainly a lighter tone, it has the makings of the first exciting narrative ski movie in a long time."

Hopefully the film will posses an authentic feel to its skiing audience. It definitely should help that Underwood is a skier himself. The film's writer, Lenny Britton, also knows a thing or two about skiing, as he is a former professional ski coach.

Only time will tell if Woodchucks has what it takes to be a classic sports film, because the Maybe it can pave the way for future ski-related films. Regardless, it is exciting to hear that a legitimate ski film is on the horizon in Hollywood. The film is projected to be released early 2012.
-Max Selim
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