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Sneak-Peak: SSX Video Game

SSX Video GameFans of the popular SSX snowboarding videogame will get their hands on the newest version in January 2012, smack-dab in the middle of the winter sport season.

According to EA Sports Canada’s Creative Director, Todd Batty, gameplay for the officially titled SSX: Deadly Descents will center around three main elements: “Race it,” “Trick it,” “Survive it.”

Batty presented and highlighted many of the upcoming release’s features at a recent EA Sports event held in San Francisco.

The use of realistic mountains headlines the list of SSX’s newest tweaks, giving gamers the opportunity to shred in places like K2, Mount Everest or Mount Fuji. In all, 18 separate mountain ranges are likely to be offered with a total of 70 open mountains.

Users will also experience the new “Survival Mode” that brings a darker and more serious element to the game not included in previous versions. In this setup, players will face true to life conditions where they must traverse a mountain in the midst of dangerous elements such as: avalanches, fog, ice and dangerous speeds.

Creators are looking to loosely replicate what boardercross and extreme athletes face in their day-to-day interactions with the slopes.

Gamespot Reviewer Sophia Tong mentioned that although the game will present new additions and wrinkles for fans of older versions, Deadly Descents promises to provide the same over the top and extreme snowboarding style as all the others. The game will keep true to “What it does best-crazy tricks and high-speed racing,” said Tong.

She went on to say, “SSX was never about realism, and even though the graphics are taking a more realistic approach--thanks to the advancement in technology - the gameplay will not.”

Much of the game’s creation is already conceived, but with room for new ideas, EA Sports will offer five fans an amazing the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to corporate headquarters in Vancouver to take a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the game, participate in hours of hands-on test sessions, followed by roundtable discussions directly with developers.

Starting on April 1, fans were asked to describe why they are SSX’s biggest fan in 100 words or less on the game’s Facebook Fan Page. The five best entries will be chosen to attend the event.

To make the game’s creation even more interactive, fans will vote to select the characters they wish to see included when the game hits shelves in January. As of now, the only confirmed returning character is ‘Elise’ although experts believe both Mac and Zoe are likely to return.

Voting will also take place on the same fan page.

A more thorough unveiling of SSX: Deadly Descents is expected to come at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

-Ryan O'Leary

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