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Tops Off For Breast Cancer at Sunshine Village

sunshine_villageOn the face of it, snowboarding in a bikini may seem like a chilling notion, but the Sunshine Village Bikinis for Breast Cancer fundraiser will warm just about anyone’s heart.

This year marked the third time that Sunshine Village in Banff, Alberta, hosted the event and the early returns point to the 2011 version eclipsing the previous two and ended up raising a record-breaking $25,000 for the event.

The fundraising concept is simple, women 18 and older joined in the fun of the event, but participation was dependent on raising money first. Individuals had to raise a minimum $150 through pledges and groups of three needed to collect $500.

Before the event kicked off this weekend, event organizers announced more than $10,000 (Canadian Dollars) raised, with an expectation of thousands more funneling in on the big day.

Then, on Sunday, a large gathering of women dressed down to their snow pants and bikini tops to ski or ride down the Strawberry face run in honor of the universal struggle against breast cancer.

Willow Ridley, Coordinator, Urban Partnerships for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is encouraged by the event’s progress over the past few years, “It seems like it keeps growing each year. It’s great to see the whole industry is getting involved and having some fun with it.”

Ridley is pointing to the fact that other resorts are holding similar events to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

According to the organization, 445 Canadian women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer every week, and 100 of these women will die every week. Funds generated from the Sunshine Village event and similar gatherings are critical to the fight against this insidious disease.

But Ridley says fundraisers like these have more value than just dollars raised, “It’s not only about raising money, but also raising awareness about the foundation.”

Sunshine Village is just another glowing example of the industry’s involvement and impact on social causes.

Tops off to you ladies.

-Ryan O'Leary

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