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Slush Cup Marks End of Phenomenal Year at Sunshine Village

Slush_CupUshering in and celebrating the end to one of the greatest and most historic ski seasons on record, Sunshine Village in Alberta celebrated the 83rd Annual Slush Cup this weekend.

As Canadians were off for Victoria Day (a celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday) the mountain held it’s annual Slush Cup bash to toast the transition from winter into the summer months.

Sunshine Village also brought in New Moon to provide live music over the three-day celebratory weekend.

The event marks the official closing of the ski season at Sunshine Village.

In essence, the Slush Cup (and similar competitions at resorts worldwide) works like this: costume-clad skiers and snowboarders bravely gain speed down the mountain (a few hundred yards worth) in order to build up enough momentum to ‘skim’ across the freezing cold, icy, slush-filled pond that awaits them at the bottom.

With crowds cheering and judges scrutinizing with a discerning eye, contestants either successfully glide across the pond, or fail altogether. The trick is to reach the other side unsullied, and more importantly dry (and warm).

The panel of judges scores each participant in three areas: style, distance and appearance, with the last component typically carrying some hefty weight. Of course everyone appreciates the skill and talent that entrants exhibit, but the wilder and more exotic the costume, the more of a fan favorite a person becomes.

Sunshine officials report this was the 83rd time the Slush Cup was staged, saying that in 1928 spring skiers played in the snow runoff. The celebration became larger with people splashing, drinking and laughing in the pools of water and then in the 1980s the event was opened to the public.

The Slush Cup came on the last day of a three-day weekend celebration at Sunshine Village. On Sunday, the third annual Bikinis for Breast Cancer fundraiser took place on the mountain, raising thousands of dollars for breast cancer research in Canada.

Dozens of women, dressed down to their ski pants and bikini tops, skied and snowboarded the mountain in a show or unity for the cause.

So goes another tremendous year for Sunshine Village and resorts across North America that each experienced record seasons.

-Ryan O'Leary

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