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The Bombing Continues in 2012

snowbombingDetails are beginning to emerge for the 2012 Volvo Snowbombing festival, scheduled for April 9-14 in the Austrian resort town of Mayrhofen, and the only question remaining in the minds of this years participants is “How can we top 2011?”

Considered the “greatest show on snow,” the 2012 festival will once again call Mayrhofen home after another tremendous event this past April.

This will mark the eighth straight year Mayrhofen hosts the event, first drawing duty in 2005.

It’ll be another weeklong event in which snow is the excuse to congregate, but the music is the true heartbeat for festival attendees. The musical line-up in 2012 has a lot to live up to after acts like Fatboy Slim, Prodigy and Fergie – and several other DJs and bands – joined the snowbombing madness in 2011.

According to The Mirror, “At snowbombing there are only five hours in each 24 where there isn’t some music event going on.”

During the day, snowboarding and snow activity own the consciousness of festival-goers – pounding the slopes in the Alps and/or watching and participating in Fatboy_Slim_at_Volvo_Snowbombingcutting-edge snowboard competition with the pros that enter.

In 2011, the festival featured the Vans and Onboard ‘Junk and Funk’ pro-am event in which top riders teamed up with “bombers” (the name given to event attendees) in a high-jump competition. A small tabletop was set up to allow for riders to clear the bar that was progressively raised higher.

The Hotzone Ride and Seek event invites bombers to team up with a pro, session on another small kicker next to the waterslide pit and see which team can stay upright on its board the longest. Once the pro member of each team falls, then both members are forced to toss themselves into the frozen, ice-cold slush pool.

A Big Air competition is saved for last, as the biggest jumpers, spinners and flippers put on a massive show for all in attendance.

The crowd truly feeds off both elements of the festival, music and snowboarding alike, a perfect combination that attracts droves each year.

FatBoy Slim said of the attendees, “It’s a bunch of bespoke nutters from all over Europe who like partying but then get up and go snowboarding in the day. They’re a rare bread and they only congregate once a year.”

Pricing figures for 2012 were released on the event’s website and range according accommodation type and location. The organization is now accepting a £100 security deposit in order to reserve lodging for next year.

Once again, those making the trek can meet up with traveling companions, all headed to Austria, in one of the event’s three designated road trip origination points: London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

While 2011 was one never to forget, 2012 is assured to be one to look forward to.

-Ryan O'Leary

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