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At Last, 'Snowboard' Added to Vermont Ski Museum Title Hot

Vermont_Museum_LogoIn a move that is a long time coming, given the state’s pronounced rich snowboarding history, the Vermont Ski Museum is adding the word “Snowboard” to its official name, officials announced in an official release.

The decision was made by the museum’s board of governors in late May.

The renamed Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum, located in the snowboard hotbed of Stowe, Vermont, wishes to “formally acknowledge snowboarding’s heritage and is happy to include it in the name,” according to the Washington Post.

 Although the museum has always included snowboard in its exhibits, it plans for an expansion that will more prominently display the sport, along with a branding change that will include a snowboard in its logo.

According to Tom Sequist, Chairman of the Board, “The roots of skiing and snowboarding run very deep in Vermont and we're committed to collecting and preserving their Vermont history and continuing to be a resource for those seeking information about skiing and snowboarding in Vermont."

Vermont’s illustrious snowboarding history began with Jake Burton Carpenter starting Burton Snowboard’s in 1977 in Londonderry, Vermont. Early on, Burton provided the equipment that started the snowboarding revolution.

Today, Burton’s flagship store is still located in Burlington, Vermont.

Stratton Mountain Resort, in Stratton, Vermont, was not only the first to allow, but also it opened the first snowboarding school attracting national attention and clearing the way for nationwide acceptance. 

Some of the current, top professional riders call the state home, including Kelly Clark. Clark, from West Dover, is a two-time X-Games Superpipe gold medalist and the 2002 Olympic gold medalist in the halfpipe.

Growing up in Londonderry, Ross Powers took the Olympic Gold in the Men’s Halfpipe in 2002, the same year Clark won the women’s event in Salt Lake.

There’s Lindsey Jacobellis, Connecticut born, but Vermont-raised in Stratton. Jacobellis has seven X-Games Snowboard Cross gold medal’s under her belt and three FIS Snowboarding World Championships (also in snowboard cross) to her credit along with a silver medal from the 2006 Torino Games.

Furthermore, Vermont annually plays host to U.S. Open and many other prominent ski and snowboard competitions.

The Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum was founded by Brandon resident Roy Newton. In 2001, a group of Stowe business owners raised funds to relocate the museum to Stowe. 

No details were provided as to the time and scope of the changes, but check back for more detail on the project’s progress.

-Ryan O'Leary

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