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Warm Temperatures Threaten New Zealand Ski Resorts

Snow_Park_NZToday in Auckland, New Zealand it was 55 degrees, and while the kiwis are supposed to be in the midst of winter, there’s a problem, Mother Nature refuses to cooperate, saddling the region with not-so-friendly skiing conditions.

Ski resorts across the country are begging for snow as they struggle to get the 2011 ski season off the ground. And the ground is the problem, with unseasonably high temperatures and a lack of snow, there is no snow base, just manmade snow that struggles to stick to the warm ground.

In a typical year, June marks the point that resorts open their doors to patrons, but at this point in 2011, no major ski area is open for business. Owners and operators are simply hoping, praying for a cold snap to hit the region so business can flourish.

According to reports, Wanaka's Treble Cone, Cardrona and Snow Park NZ had all scheduled their openings for this weekend, but at this point, it seems unlikely that conditions will be right for skiing and snowboarding activities.

Kristy Quin, marketing director at Snow Park NZ told reporters, "Unfortunately we have still not been in a position to make a call an opening day, though we are busy making snow every possible moment we can."

Other resorts, Queenstown’s Coronet Park and Canterbury’s Mt. Hutt, were set to launch June 4 and June 11, respectively, but inconsistent temperatures have more than frustrated plans. Both resorts, and many others in a similar position, are yet to open far beyond their original intentions.

In addition to not being able to provide skiing and snowboarding recreation as usual, profits are also being lost, which greatly inhibits the viability and long-term solvency or resort operations for any seasonal business. Not only do the resorts suffer, but all of the ancillary companies dependent on folks hitting the slopes.

Major ski and snowboard events are also scheduled to visit New Zealand this ski season, the most to date, now the quality of the resorts is in question. The Burton New Zealand Open, New Zealand X Games, World Heli Challenge and NZ Freeski Open are all pulling for a major snow-dump to ensure their events go off without a hitch.

As the late-June, early-July deadlines approach, stay locked-in to AllAboutSnow for an update about the Southern Hemisphere ski season.

-Ryan O'Leary

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