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Supergirl Jam Snows on Venice Beach

Supergirl JamUntil recently, the spectacular backdrop of Venice Beach was mostly known for being one of Los Angeles’ most perfect locations to soak in both the sun’s rays as well as the comfortable waters of the Pacific Ocean, but on a pleasant August 21 afternoon, it also became the perfect place to snowboard. 

Supergirl Jam, now in its fifth year, is a one-day event that features  over 100 top female athletes in both snowboarding and skateboarding to compete in a unique competition on the boardwalk right in the heart of Venice Beach. It is designed to help close the gender gap in extreme sports that often favors the men.

"The girls were always peripheral to the overall experience," said Rick Bratman, chief executive of ASA Entertainment, the company that produces the contests.

"It was time to have a platform for the girls that was all about them."

The snowboard rail-jam contest featured a 28-foot tall course of 80,000 pounds of packed snow for the ladies to show off their winter slope style to everyone on the beach.

"There's no supreme place,"said Desiree Melancon, a 23-year-old snowboarder from Riverside, CA."There's just snowboarding — and never having to get a real job." 

The 5th Annual Supergirl Jam event series was produced by ASA Entertainment in partnership with Warner Bros.

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