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Jamie Pierre Dies In Avalanche Hot

Jamie PierreThe professional skier, known best for his 255-foot jump off a cliff in Grand Targhee, Wyoming in 2006, was killed on November 13 when he was caught in an avalanche.

 Pierre was snowboarding with a friend in an area know as the South Chute which is part of the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in Utah on Sunday and reportedly caused an avalanche.  A 16 inch slab of snow gave way and swept Pierre 700 feet down the rocky, 40 degree slope.  Rescuers report that Pierre was dead when they found his body, which they said was not burried in the avalance.  The cause of his death is presumably trauma suffered in the avalanche. His companion was uninjured.

The Snowbird ski resort where Pierre and his unidentified companion were when the avalanche occured was not yet open for the season and no work had been done on the slope to preare it for use by skiers and snowboarders.  The ski resort is located on National Forest Land, which is open to the public, but the resort had posted signs around the area indicating that the area was not open. 

The 38-year-old extreme skier was best know for his record-breaking 2006 jump off of a cliff in Grand Targhee, Wyoming.  Pierre skied off the edge of a 255-foot cliff and landed on his head in 12 feet of snow at the bottom.  He emerged unscathed. 

Pierre had recently moved with his family to Big Sky, Montana in order to become an "athlete ambassador" at the Moonlight Basin Ski Rsort.  Jamie Pierre is survived by his wife, Aimee, and their two children.

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