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Contour Snow Mounts Leave No Action Un-Captured Hot

Contour Snow Mounts

Contour leads the market in hands-free video story-telling devices for snowsports enthusiasts. Their products allow not merely professionals but all modern skiers and riders to capture their adventures through digital video.

Contour Snow Mounts

This latest release, the ContourSnow Mounts, is the next generation of a product line that brings high-def, hands-free video into the palm of your hands, to the top of your helmet, and to the end of your ski pole.

The Contour Snow Mounts package includes two easy-to-use helmet mounts: a unique goggle strap mount and the company's new pole mount, affixing to any standard ski pole. The Contour Sky Mount gives you a boom to create innovative and interesting angles for your filming.

Contour Cameras

Contour creates simple tools that allow hands-free videography. Their cameras easily attach to helmets, goggles, and ski poles.

Contour is a success story that started with two friends who wanted to record their skiing adventures, just like you. The Seattle, Washington-based company began in 2004 as VholdR, producing some of the first helmet mounted small-format digital cameras available. They were also the first to introduce HD and GPS into hands-free digital video.

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