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K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge Hot

K2 Rotor Lodge

K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge

Two ski industry icons have come together to bring skiers a first-in-kind, chance-of-a- lifetime ski experience, featuring helicopters, deep powder snow, next-season ski technology, up-close riding with professional athletes, and a customized heli-ski lodge in British Columbia.

Sound too good to be true? Trust us. K2 Skis, along with the world's first and largest heli-skiing operator, CMH Heli-Skiing (CMH), introduced this season a revolutionary heli-ski concept to allow skiers and riders of all types access to some of the deepest powder of British Columbia's famed Kootenay region.

CMH K2 operations are based out of the newly revamped and first-ever branded backcountry lodge, the K2 Rotor Lodge, located in Nakusp, BC. The lodge is the essence of laid-back, ski country, with decades of K2 tradition emanating through. Guests are greeted by the retro motel sign, a ski-fence front desk, and K2 barstools as they enter the lodge.

"Partnering with CMH presents K2 with not only with a world-class winter playground to test powder skis in the most ideal waist deep conditions and endless terrain. But also our athletes and us to connect with a broad range of skiers," said K2's global marketing manger, Mike Gutt. "Specifically during the Demo Days, the skier's feedback is applied to the development of the our powder and softer-snow oriented skis."

CMH together with K2 will offer a wide variety of heli-ski programs ranging from K2- hosted athlete trips to ski testing with the K2 in-house design team. Skiers and riders are able to take advantage of a wide range of K2's latest powder ski demos as they are guided across the 1,155 square kilometers of heli-ski terrain within the surrounding Selkirk and Monashee ranges.

Every heli-ski guest will receive a free pair of K2 skis of his or her choice, to be home delivered before the start of the next winter season.

In 2013, K2's premier athletes — Collin Collins, Andy Mahre, Reggie Crist, Pep Fujas, and Kim Reichhelm – will host a variety of individual heli-ski trips, each with different focal points, from women's skiing techniques, steeps clinics, pillow drops, and film/photography workshops. Group sizes are designed for optimal group dynamics and to allow everyone to get the goods, and the tips, they came for.

"My time spent at CMH K2 Rotor Lodge was the experience of a lifetime. It was the deepest snow I have skied in years, possibly in my life," said K2 athlete Collin Collins. "I don't even know where to begin when describing the terrain…it's diverse, from giant pillows in the trees that seem to stack up for hundreds of vertical feet on end, to the high alpine ridges and bowls just lined with cliffs and cornices of all sizes. When you're not on wide open faces, glaciers, and bowls, you find yourself navigating through old growth trees, trying to maintain visual reference through the onslaught of faceshots. The heli laps are fast, so fast you can hardly prepare yourself in time before you are dropped off on top of another majestic peak. Once dropped, the runs are very long, seemingly endless as you cruise down over bubbly, pillowy terrain, choking on powder that is constantly blowing over your head." "

The staff is amazing," continued Collins. "Incredibly friendly, great skiers and guides with vast knowledge of the mountains and snow safety. They guide in a way that allows you to ski hard and wherever you want while making sure everyone is safe and not getting lost. They put a priority on ensuring you are satisfied, from the skiing to feeding you well, and cracking jokes and laughing all day. One of my favorite things to do after a long day of hot-lapping the steep and deep was to come back to the lodge and try to find all the runs from the day on a giant 3D topographical map of the entire territory, with all the runs labeled and named. The trip as a whole has me addicted to heli-skiing. I dare to say they have the greatest mountains I've ever skied and some of the most fun and professional people to ski it with. I hope to go back again and again."

Following the K2 athlete trips are CMH K2 Demo Days, which provide customers the opportunity to test a variety of unreleased 2013-2014 powder skis. In a rare move, K2 designers will be on-hand to provide demos and receive feedback to take back to K2 headquarters and fine-tune the final product. In return for testing the prototypes in powder conditions, guests will earn a free pair of 2013-14 K2 Skis in Fall 2013 when the collection is released. Sessions are scheduled for March 4-7, March 7-10 and March 10- 13. The cost for one session, including a pair of skis, starts at $3,800CAD/ $3,922USD. Space is limited to 24 skiers per trip.

After the long and bottomless ski days, guests retreat back to the lodge for imbibements, entertainment and relaxation.

Guests can fly into Calgary, Kelowna, or Spokane and rent a car or arrange a shuttle to the new K2 Rotor Lodge.

Reservations are now open for CMH K2 heli-ski trips for the 2012-13 season, including K2 Athlete Weeks, the three different sessions of the CMH K2 Demo Days, as well as other signature trips and small group programs. To make reservations, visit the website, or call (800) 661-0252.

Double check the following schedule before making reservations:

  • Steep Shots and Pillow Drops: Learn from the best, in the best conditions -Jan.3-7 with Collin Collins -Feb. 18-23 with Andy Mahre
  • Athlete Ski Weeks: Perfectly sized groups for optimal group dynamics and plenty of fresh lines to be had by all. -Jan.7-12 - athlete to be announced -Jan. 12-17 with Reggie Crist and Zach Crist
  • Film/Photography Workshop Week: Fine tune photo and film skills while capturing the most adrenaline-filled face shots to share with jealous friends at home. -Feb. 4-9 with Pep Fujas
  • Women's Trip: One just for the ladies, where girls can be girls and get after it. -Jan. 21-26 with Kim Reichhelm

(Each professional skier is committed to the trips as listed, but sometimes injuries or other circumstances may prevent their appearance on the trip. Should that occur, CMH K2 will do the best to have another prominent K2 athlete attend the trip.)

About K2 Skis

Founded in 1962, K2 Skis has been on the cutting edge of industry-leading innovations and advancements for a half-century including fiberglass technology, high performance shaped ski technology, women's specific ski technology, twin tip design and the new Baseline profiles that combine camber with varying amounts of rocker. For more information, visit

About CMH Heli-Skiing

Offering heli-adventures since 1965, Canadian Mountain Holidays is the world's first and largest heli-skiing and heli-hiking operator. From their head office in Banff, Alberta, CMH operates exceptional mountain experiences at 11 lodges located in the Bugaboo, Purcell, Selkirk, Kootenay, Monashee, and Cariboo ranges of British Columbia. Heli- skiing takes place each year from December through April, and CMH Summer Adventure.

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K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
K2 Skis Opens First-Ever Branded Heli-Ski Lodge
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