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Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head Hot

All About Snow helmet picks

Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head

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With helmets' proven effectiveness and ever-increasing style and comfort, there's no reason not to protect your noggin.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2011, more than 290,000 people were treated in hospitals, doctors' offices and emergency rooms for winter sports-related injuries. And according to a statement from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), that includes approximately 108,986 snowboarding injuries and 124,324 snow skiing injuries.

Seem like a compelling reason to jump on the helmet bandwagon? Well, if that isn't enough, perhaps the warmth, style, comfort, and continuing evolution of goggle and audio integration will change your mind.

This winter, with more and more manufacturers cranking out fashionable and functional brain buckets, you're sure to find one that matches your slope-side style.

Following are a few All About Snow helmet picks to take a look at this season


Smith Helmets

From Sun Valley, ID, long-time sunglass manufacturer Smith Optics introduces a tried and true combination of safety and style with their helmet and goggle combos. For decades Smith has been producing the best on-mountain optics for skiers and riders, and in 2004 the company began manufacturing helmets and has figured out the right technology and now produces some of the highest quality helmets on the market.

When it comes to helmets, Smith is able to offer something other manufactures cannot: a goggle that matches up perfectly with each brain bucket, both in style and fit.

Advancing to new Super Light or "SL" engineered parts. Smith boasts that each SL item has been minimized to the extreme while maintaining durability and part integrity in order to reduce weight and increase comfort.

Featured models include:

The Vantage: With 21 ventilation zones and snap fit SL ear pads this helmet maximizes a skier or riders ability for personal climate control. Weighing under one pound and its seamless integration with goggles, which eliminates the risk of fogging, the Vantage is the perfect blend of performance and style. (MSRP $190)

The Variant: A helmet that takes a modern twist on a traditional profile. The Hybrid Shell construction allows for maximum comfort and safety while 22 vents allow for plenty of control. The Variant is a classic choice for a means of protection. (MSRP $150)

Take a look at what else Smith has to offer on their website.


Bern Helmets

When it comes to quality, new-school style helmets for any type of weather, many skiers and riders don't look any further than Bern. A great option for action sports enthusiasts of the biking and snow sliding persuasions, Bern has created helmets that can be used year- round, making the process of looking for a helmet a one-stop-shop.

Bern, an East Coast company out of Massachusetts, knows the product and has been protecting skiers and riders from the dangers of head injuries that action sports often pose for a little more than three years. The Bern brim, which has become synonymous with the brands image, is a feature that makes Bern helmets uniquely recognizable. Next season look for Bern's totally integrated Bluetooth audio system. They also make awesome gloves with integrated wrist protection.

Bern employs two types of technology in their brain buckets. EPS helmets are made with a thin ABS shell lined with EPS foam to create a burly lightweight all season lid. The Hard-Hats versions are made with an ABS shell lined with soft moisture-wicking Brock Foam for a multi-impact all-season lid. The Brock foam is more flexible, which some might prefer for comfort.

For this winter you can still pick up one of these:

Baker EPS or Hard-Hat: This is the helmet that started it all for Bern. Available in seven styles, the Baker ESP and/or Hard-Hat is Bern's signature helmet, worn by Olympians and park-rats alike. Weighing 18.5 ounces the Baker EPS/Hard-Hat features a hard foam technology cushioned with 360 degree padding, providing durability without bulk. With no vents it is the ideal cold weather helmet. It's also lower profile than other helmets with similar protection. (MSRP $99)

Watts EPS or Hard-Hat with Knit: Being the first fully vented version Bern helmet to hit the market, the Watts can be used year round, on the mountain, on the street (skate) and in the water (wake). With the ability to snap-out the winter liner and snap-in the summer liner, the helmet can remain fresh and go with you on whatever adventure you have planned. (MSRP $99.99)

Check out more options on their website.


Shred Ready

One of the innovative and still core companies out there, Shred Ready not only provides top-flight safety but also allows athletes to customize their lid with a design of their choice. Founded in 1997 out of a garage in Auburn, Alabama, Shred Ready holds true to their roots; however, they now find refuge in a warehouse where they distribute to clients all around the world.

Originally a company that focused on designing helmets for whitewater sport enthusiasts, Shred Ready now manufactures helmets for the slopes and the trails as well as whitewater rapids. Offering a mix of carbon/Kevlar composite and injected molded helmets, Shred Ready always takes safety and style into consideration. During their first year on the market Shred Ready sold 73 helmets. Today they sell that many helmets a day, while remaining a small company focused on manufacturing real protective gear for action sport enthusiast everywhere.

For Snow Sports, Shred Ready offers their Forty4 Helmet: Available in six colors and four sizes, the Forty4 boasts such features as a one-handed, no- pinch magnetic buckle, eight vents with removable vent plugs, and in-mold EPS construction. For those warmer days that produce a lot of sweat, the forty4 has a removable, washable comfort liner and removable ear pads with pockets for audio speakers for those who like to listen to music while on the mountain. (MSRP $90)

Check out their website for more.


Lazer Helmets

Established in 1919, Lazer is the oldest manufacturer of helmets on the globe, with an emphasis on helmets for ski/snowboard, bike and motorcycle. Focusing exclusively on these three types of helmets has allowed Lazer to become one of the most innovative helmet companies in the world.

Based out of Belgium, Lazer Helmets is also considered to be manufacturing the lightest helmets on the market; with their "Pure Carbon" technology, Lazer has been able to combine lightweight technology, safety and style into their designs. And of course they meet the most rigorous European safety standards in all categories.

For skiing and riding, Lazer currently has nine great options to choose from, with different features ranging from a costum design and fit to extra warmth for those single- digit days. Lazer boasts three new innovations that allow versatility with the same helmet. Their new fit-system adjusts to the entire head, rather than just the back of the skull, providing even pressure all around.

The new "Color Chic" feature allows for a mid- season change in appearance, with an outer shell available in almost any color, this new feature will fit perfectly on the helmet and provide a new look. Their third innovation is the helmet-cam adapter, located in the rear of the helmet. The adapter is compatible with multiple POV cameras and can also fit headlamps and will not require a sticky mount to be placed on the helmet.

Check out everything Lazer has to offer on their website.


POC Helmets

With one of the largest helmet lines on the market and classic Swedish styling, POC provides a number of options for skier and riders who are looking to find a safe and fashionable helmet for the mountain. POC has made it their mission to find out how the perfect helmet should be constructed, leading to both great protection and groundbreaking innovation within the helmet market. It might be safe to say that no other company is putting in more time dedicated to research than the people at POC. The focus is always on safety with integrated MIPS technology, whether for summer or winter action sports. They also boast a line of full body pads that are certified for moto sport.

Some of POC's available models include:

The Frontal: A full coverage freeride helmet with three different ventilation systems provides both maximum comfort and protection. The Frontal's hard shell brim adds toughness and provides extra coverage and protection to all sides of the head. Available in seven color schemes and four sizes, the POC Frontal is a great choice for anyone who charges the mountain day in and day out. (MSRP $159.95 - $169.95)

The Receptor Bug: Recognized for award-winning design and safety, the Receptor Bug uses POC's patented system of double overlapping shells, protecting from sharp objects while providing ventilation. The sturdy outer shell provides protection from blunt forces while the EPS technology used in the inner part of the helmet provides shock absorption. Available in nine color options. (MSRP $129.95 – 149.95)

Check out all of POC's models on their website.


Scott Helmets

After inventing the modern aluminum ski pole in 1958, Ed Scott's company expanded from its humble beginning in Sun Valley, Idaho, to become an international powerhouse in the outdoor action sports industry. Known best for their motocross and snowmobiling helmets, Scott also has the downhill shredder in mind with their winter-sports helmet collection: whether in the park, on the groomers or out in the backcountry. With headquarters in Europe and America, Scott has built a strong reputation based on the quality products they have been manufacturing for over 50 years.

A few Scott featured helmets:

The Envy: Combining cutting edge technology and unsurpassed styling, the Envy is a great choice for skiers and riders looking for advanced protection on the mountain. With BIOMEX construction technology and Scott's exclusive G and S vent systems, the Envy is both a functional and stylish pick for skiers and riders alike. (MSRP $140)

The Rove: Billed as a high-end freeride helmet with the skier and rider seeking protection, style, and performance in mind, the Rove is a great option for those looking for a sturdy helmet. With the addition of MIPS technology, Scott now feels that this could be one of their safer and more innovative helmets on the market. (MSRP $175).

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Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
Head Injuries on the Rise: Find the Right Helmet to Protect your Head
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