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Americans dominate Visa Halfpipe Grand Prix Hot

Louie_VitoU.S. snowboarders Louie Vito and Kaitlyn Farrington took first place at the Visa U.S. Halfpipe Grand Prix at Copper Mountain, Colo. on Saturday. As the first major halfpipe competition in the Northern Hemisphere, the event brought riders from all over the world.

Vito grabbed first place after top-seeded Tore Holvik of Norway wiped out on his final trick in each of his two runs.


Vito and Farrington weren’t the only American’s to place high- the top five men to place were all U.S. riders. Spots 1-5 in the men’s halfpipe were given to American’s Louie Vito, Luke Mitrani, Scotty Lago, Matt Ladley, and JJ Thomas.

Fellow American rider Kelly Clark came in 2nd after Kaitlyn Farrington in the women’s halfpipe. Saturday’s competition marks the first time Farrington had ever beaten Clark, who Farrington said has always been her idol. Despite her loss, Kelly Clark is still the most decorated female pipe rider in the history of the sport.


photo: Louie Vito in the halfpipe

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