News > Several Sugarloaf Skiers Injured in Chairlift Accident

Several Sugarloaf Skiers Injured in Chairlift Accident

Sugarloaf Chairlift Accident

A chairlift accident at Sugarloaf Ski Resort in Maine leaves eight people injured and nearly 150 people stranded on Tuesday morning.

High morning winds postponed the resort from opening the Spillway chairlift on time, but Sugarloaf officials felt it was safe to open the lift for operation around 10 a.m. Not even a half an hour later, the 35-year-old lift derailed and came crashing down, injuring five adult and three children. The cable came off a wheel and sent three chairs plummeting 30-feet into the slope below them.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the accident and are not sure if the high winds or the age of the lift caused the malfunction. The chairlift was slated to be replaced, but Sugarloaf and state officials say the lift maintained its regular inspections and all operational licenses are to date.

Officials say most of those injured have already been treated and released from the hospital, but three others are still being treated for their injuries. One of the injured individuals was flown to Maine Medical Center and two others are being treated at Central Maine Medical Center.

In response to the incident, Sugarloaf officials mention their "hearts and minds" go out to those affected by the mishap. They have closed the lift, but the rest of the mountain remains open for business.

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