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The Same Adrenaline for Skiers and Snowboarders Duplicated...In a Car?

2012-ford-focus-sedan-01Projected for sale in early 2011, Ford will roll out the all-new 2012 Focus ST, a model to certainly delight any seasoned downhill skier and snowboarder.

“The new Focus is the first North American vehicle to offer torque vectoring control,” says Rick Bolt, program manager for Ford Focus, who surprise -- is a frequent downhill skier. This technology, originally only offered in high-end sports luxury cars, employs downhill skiing and snowboarding moves to increase vehicle stability in turns.

The vehicle’s stability is inspired by the way that a skier or snowboarder might shift their weight to the outside edge of their body while transitioning. This helps the rider maintain balance and stability through a turn. Ford Focus ST’s revolutionary vectoring control aims to imitate that feeling as it provides slight brake force to the wheel and tires, eliminating slippage which grants the driver confidence to negotiate a curve.

“The new Ford Focus is differentiated from other vehicles in the segment by style and design, the technology it contains and the superior driving experience it provides,” Bolt says. The new vehicle is projected to increase novice and driver confidence. With its tuned sense of vehicle control, it hopes to excite enthusiast drivers, while also aiming to build confidence in Ford’s less-experienced drivers.

A domestic car that moves like a skier—who knew?

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