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Ben Stiller Crashed Tom Cruise's Snowmobile Hot

Ben Crashes Tom's SnowmobileOne of Hollywood’s leading comedians, and member of Hollywood’s generation of the “Frat Pack”, Ben Stiller, admitted he crashed Tom Cruise’s snowmobile last year.

Stiller explained the story to talk to host, Jimmy Fallon on his show that long-time friend, Tom Cruise and wife, Katie Holmes, loaned Stiller their lavish Colorado ranch last Christmas.

“It was a really exciting adventure,” Stiller explains. He recalled Cruise bringing out his snowmobiles for Stiller to ride, admitting he had never driven one.

“Of course, though, it’s Tom Cruise’s house – his snowmobiles – they’ve gotta be, like, supercharged and hydrogen-fuelled.”

While out on a leisure ride, Stiller explained he got distracted by an elk. He didn’t turn sharply enough when coming to a turn against a precipice, causing the snowmobile to head down the mountain.

“This all happened in a split second, I’m not exaggerating,” Stiller told Fallon.

With this, the Emmy award winning comedian, director, and producer called Cruise to apologize.

“I called him up, I said ‘Tom…I kind of almost crashed the snowmobile, I did crash the snowmobile,” Stiller said to Cruise

To Stiller’s surprise, Cruise laughed and said, “That’s what they’re there for!”

Stiller and Cruise have a long history of on-screen appearances together. They are currently working together on a comedic adaptation of The Hardy Boys, titled The Hardy Men, slated to be completed in 2013.

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