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Sleek Bluetooth Sets Benchmark in Snowmobile Communication

CardoCardo uses noise cancellation in its headphone systemCardo, a Pittsburgh based company that specializes in Bluetooth communication, released a new product that may set the standard in snowmobile communication.

The Cardo Scala Rider G4 is a snowmobile-to-snowmobile intercom. The new product allows snowmobile riders to speak with their friends as they cruise the backcountry.

The device is tiny—simply an earpiece and microphone—and capable of having two or three person conversations. The conversations from the G4 are in real time. This means there is no delay like on a “walkie talkie” system—the conversations are seamless.

Cardo’s Bluetooth has a range of one mile, allowing snowmobilers communication leeway on their adventures. A conversation being held between two snowmobilers may seem like a noisy proposition, however Cardo neutralizes engine racket with a noise cancelling system in the headphone, creating crystal clear conversation.

In addition to its intercom functions, the Scala Rider G4 comes with lots of other features. The Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with mobile phones and MP3 players so the rider can talk and listen to music wirelessly. It can also connect to most GPS devices, giving the snowmobiler directions without ever having to stop the sled. And, of course, the Bluetooth headset works with all Bluetooth compatible phones.

All these features can be initiated by voice activated commands making the Scala Rider G4 a truly hands free device. The voice commands include answering, rejecting and dialing calls as well as toggling functions and adjusting volume. Cardo’s headsets are rechargeable and offer software updates to keep their technology current.

All these cool features do come at a steep price; one headset costs $320 and a pair of headsets goes for $560 dollars. The headsets have a one year limited warranty.

The functionality and convenience on these Bluetooth headsets are hard to deny. The hands free technology allows you to talk with your friends, accept phone calls, listen to music and get directions, all without having to stop your sled. Ultimately giving you more time to do what you set out to do—snowmobile.

For more information or to purchase the Scala Rider G4 visit

-Max Seli

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