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Mountain Hardwear's Waterproof Breathable Technology Hot

DryQFor the first time in industry history, a major outdoor brand has weaned itself from the Gore-Tex mother and created a new, modern-day level of waterproof-breathable technology. For 25 years consumers of every major outdoor brand have had only one option for “waterproof-breathable” outerwear jackets, shells, pants, and gloves. That will be changing this fall.

Mountain Hardwear is introducing an entirely new fabric laminate called DryQ. The claim to fame is the addition of air permeability, which was previously lacking in Gore-Tex and other waterproof-breathable laminates. This allows moisture transfer that stays on all the time--not just when a certain humidity level is reached inside the jacket after physical exertion--promoting a dryer, more consistent, warmer and more comfortable outer shell.

By breaking away from industry stalwart Gore-Tex, Mountain Hardwear is also now able to customize each garment to its own performance and design standards. The DryQ laminate will be utilized on a variety of face fabrics to create pieces customized for each sport or performance situation, allowing a previously unknown holistically Mountain Hardware DryQdesigned garment, not dictated by the laminated fabrics available to manufacturers from the supplier.

In order to branch out even further, Mountain Hardwear has developed three levels of 100% waterproof DryQ: the Active, which incorporates lightweight, stretch fabrics and breathable durability for endurance sports; the Core, which most closely resembles the current industry standard with a medium price point and lots of versatility; and the Elite, which features the revolutionary “always-on” air permeability and breathable durability in a number of styles and fabric types for extreme alpine sports.

Two seasons ago Mountain Hardwear broke away from the industry standard in glove design as well, introducing the new OutDry waterproof-breathable membrane in their line of alpine sport gloves.

Not only is OutDry completely waterproof and more breathable then previously available membranes, but also the gloves feature patented technology whereby the laminate is heat sealed to the outer fabric of the glove, leaving no space for water or air to collect. It also allows for less bulk and pre-curve design for added comfort.

Look for these new technologies at any Mountain Hardware retailer and test out the differences in performance and comfort on your own personal adventures, whether that means a backyard snowshoe hike, resort skiing, or alpine mountaineering.


Aaron Bible

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