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Rome SDS Releases Secret of PureFlex Laces Hot

PureFlexThe link between a snowboarder’s feet and the board is critical at every stage of the riding process; feeling the right amount of control and comfort is paramount to a great ride.

With this in mind, the folks over at Rome Snowboards innovated the lacing process via the new PureFlex Lacing system.

PureFlex, created by the Rome Design Syndicate, allows for variable lace tightness in four different zones on the boot: forefoot, inner cuff, ankle and upper zones.

The trick of the PureFlex System is the use of separate locking guides in each of those four areas to create different levels of tension that are agreeable to the rider.

The new product is an escape from the typical hard clasp system traditionally used on boots, allowing for a much more comfortable feel and flexibility throughout the body of the boot while shredding the slopes, walking around or grabbing a drink in the lodge.

The new boots come with two separate laces to make this all happen.

Snowboarders are no longer saddled with a one-size fit all laces or clasps. If a person likes a little room for their toes and a tighter feeling around their ankles, or vice versa, they can do it.

Now that the boots have been created, they will be tested and demo, hitting the market

Via press release, Rome Snowboards commented, “...we just got the 2011 boot samples in and I’m stoked about the PureFlex lacing system boots which the SDS has been working on for the past two years. It’s very rewarding. We started off with a clean slate, to try to do something that’s different from anyone else. We talked to shops, we listened to riders.”

No details have been released regarding official release date, price or retailers. Stay close to AllAboutSnow for latest in Rome product updates and all other gear reviews.

-Ryan O'Leary

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