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ArmMap Takes the Hassle Out of Navigating the Mountain Hot

ArmMapThere’s a great, new mapping product on the snow industry market courtesy of the Trailfinder, Inc. corporation.

It’s “ArmMap” product is a solution to the frustration that comes when skiers and snowboarders fumble with the paper version of a trail map or attempt to locate the large scale versions posted on the mountain.

The ArmMap’s genius goes hand-in-hand (or should we say arm-in-arm) with the simple design. The map is no bigger than a medium-sized index card and made of durable, weatherproof plastic. On the plastic is an easy-to-read trail map printed in bright colors. The ArmMap fastens easily around a skier’s forearm through the use of a small bungie cord, ensuring it does not shift or come undone while skiing or riding.

To provide better perspective, if you’ve ever seen the playchart that some football quarterbacks wear during a game, the ArmMap is very similar.

Currently, the ArmMap is available for the following 14 resorts:

Steamboat, Aspen Highlands, Breckenridge, Big Sky, Snowmass, Keystone, The Canyons, Copper Mountain, Jackson Hole, Deer Valley, Heavenly, Park City, Stowe and Telluride.

The company says that new maps are being continually added in order to make the product more universal and applicable to all.

In terms of price, one ArmMap goes for $13; two will cost $20; and four maps are $36. Shipping and handling are just $3.

The criticism for this product surround the notion that it probably only pertains to hardcore skiers and snowboarders who want to know every inch of a mountain. Your garden variety recreational skier is probably not going to spend $13 on an ArmMap if they go skiing just a couple times each year. And, those loyal to skiing at one or two mountains probably know the trails like the back of their hand. But, overall it’s a clever, simple product that does come with appeal.

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