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Soggy Socks Gone with Boot Buddies

microwaveWe’ve all dealt with the discomfort and gross feeling that comes with water getting inside our ski and snowboard boots.

It’s damp, it’s cold and it has a negative impact on the skiing experience.

Well, it seems that a company out of Kansas City, Missouri, called Boot Buddies, Inc. has created a solution to this problem of precipitation.

Boot Buddies are shaped and designed to fit inside a ski or snowboard boot and the material they are fashioned out of absorbs the moisture accumulated inside.

The company website says that Boot Buddies can dry boots in just 15 minutes, but for optimal dryness, use the product overnight to ensure your boots are comfortable to wear in the morning.

One of the downsides of Boot Buddies is that after a few uses, they must be “regenerated”. To regenerate the product you must throw them in the microwave on high for roughly eight minutes (four each side) to completely eradicate all moisture.

Also important to know is that Boot Buddies are constantly absorbing moisture, whether in your boots or not, so when they aren’t being used they must be stored in an airtight bag. If they aren’t stored as such, they will be ineffective in drying up your boots.

A pair of Boot Buddies will set you back $39.95 and another $5.00 in shipping and handling fees. It’s a decent price for anyone who does enough skiing or riding and wants to keep their boots and feet in tip-top shape, free from uncomfortable and bacteria causing moisture.

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