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Board Coverz Graphic in its Approach

boardcoverz_homepageOne of the most interesting snowsport services is coming from a company called Board Coverz, offering fully customizable graphics for your snowboard or skateboard.

They company’s site is truly innovative, allowing the customer to create and play with a design online before it is submitted. There is also the option to upload an image or drawing right from your computer’s hard drive.

Board Coverz began as a company in 2004 and launched the online customizing process just last year in 2010.

Once the customized image is submitted or a purchase is made for one of the company’s original designs, a durable, ready to adhere cover is sent. There is a ten-step process needed to affix the cover to your snowboard or skateboard, but the results are pretty incredible.

The whole process takes about 20 minutes to complete, which isn’t bad considering, and the company guarantees that if you follow the steps properly, the design will stay season after season. The company offers support through a complete installation guide and a seven-minute video tutorial, just to make sure you put their product on correctly.

Through this ingenious process, boarders are no longer forced to settle for the stock designs that come on their snowboard and the customizing process allows for the utmost in self expression and individualized look.

Board Coverz charges $59 for its original designs and $89 for your customized image, shipping, handling and tax varies based on your location and delivery method.

There is also the option to buy one of the company’s “Coverz for a Cause” for breast cancer awareness, general cancer awareness, AIDS awareness and Support Our Troops causes. Those covers are also $59 and 10% of the proceeds are donated to each respective charity.

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