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Oakley_Airbrake_GogglesOakley, Inc. has released their newest snow goggles, Airbrake, which is the first snow goggle to take advantage of SwitchLock Technology. Oakley’s Airbrake goggles blend comfort, performance, and protection with SwitchLock’s interchangeable lens design so that snowboarders and skiers can still perform effectively in the changing light on the mountain terrain.

SwitchLock Technology, available only from Oakley, makes the process of lens changing simple and quick, but does not compromise the lens or its superior impact protection in any way. Oakley’s Airbrake goggles will allow winter athletes to quickly switch their goggles’ lens tint to the one that provides the best quality of filtering, color balance, and visual contrast.

Because no one lens can provide superior visibility in the wide variety weather conditions possible on a mountain, the SwitchLock Technology present in the Airbrake goggles is crucial. Oakley’s Airbrake goggles make it easy for athletes to continue superb performance while also adapting to changing light conditions. Airbrake goggles also use F3 anti-fog technology and a vented dual-lens design to combat fog buildup on the lenses. The lens material also filters out 100% of UV. The goggles also provide the premium impact protection that Oakley products are known for, and the SwitchLock Technology does not at all compromise the goggles’ safety.

“This is a leap in goggle evolution, and it was developed to serve professional skiers and snowboarders who demand the very best in convenience, performance, and protection,” said Colin Baden, the CEO of Oakley. “Airbrake brings all the comfort, durability, and style that pros expect from the Oakley brand, and it is available to anyone who wants to take performance to the highest evolution.”

Oakley’s Airbrake goggles will be endorsed by recent X Games Superpipe winner, Shaun White. The goggles are available at Oakley’s website and run around $220.

Oakley, Inc. was established in 1975 and is located in Southern California. It is one of the leading sports brands in the world. Oakley offers product lines for both men and women with active lifestyles. One of its main claims to fame is its superior lens technologies.

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