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Helmet Band-Its

Helmet Band-Its Accessorize Any Helmet

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With a motto like "play safe, look great," it's hard to go wrong while hitting up your local ski slopes with the new Helmet Band-Its.

From Chamonix to Vail to Hood River, the Helmet Band-Its helmet décor allows skiers to make a fashion statement without compromising safety. Helmet Band-Its may just be the new must-have item for fashion-forward skiers and snowboarders of all ages.

Helmet Band-Its fasten on all helmets and also adjust to accommodate goggles. Crafted from the finest European faux fur from France, high quality cotton, as well as some selections with premium luxurious fur, Band-Its are available in a variety of designs and styles.

Faux fur selections include Onyx, Leopard, Lynx and Pink (MSRP $68). Cotton Bandana style Band-Its are cool for men and women in one-size-fits-all black & white, black & turquoise, white & pink, white & red and multi-color prints. Bandanas also fit motorcycle helmets. (MSRP $30-$36).

Also available are the Rosey, adorned with miniature roses, available in red and pink (MSRP $68) and the Naildriver, a silver or bronze-studded Helmet Band-Its that also fits motorcycle helmets. (MSRP $68).

Premium Fur Helmet Band-Its are also available in Norwegian premium fur in onyx, silver, pink, teal, turquoise, burgundy and natural (MSRP $290). Select matching Wrist Cuffs, also available in faux and premium fur styles (MSRP $40 and $120, respectively).

If fashion on the slopes has been keeping you from performing and looking your best, check out Helmet Band-Its in all their many colors and styles and see what it does for your skiing.

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Helmet Band-Its

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Helmet Band-Its Accessorize Any Helmet

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