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Burton Bag CheckEveryone needs a bag for travelling, but finding the right bag can seem impossible. There are so many options and so many uses that many of us just give up and grab whatever's handy. Burton is looking to change the way people think about buying bags, though, with an innovative new system they call 'Bag Check'.

Finding the Perfect Bag

Burton has hundreds of styles, colors and features to go with their bags and Bag Check knows them all. But first it has to get to know you. When you begin the discovery experience, Bag Check asks you what sort of bag you're looking for. Then it asks you what kinds of things you intend to carry with your bag — laptops, clothing, gear, etc. This is important: the system it starting with how you intend to use your bag to help you find one that matches those needs.

Once the functional issues are out of the way, Bag Check helps you find a bag style that fits your personal style. Some customers might need a more professional look for executive travel or photography. Others may need large-capacity luggage for week-long trips. Whatever style you need, though, Burton will have something that will work for you.

The Personal Touch

Burton team rider Mark Sollors had this to say about Burton's Bag Check system:

"This Bag Check tool is a pretty sick way to figure out what’s good for you, because trust me I know that bags are definitely a personal thing. I'm always on the road, so I basically live out of my Burton packs and luggage. The bags are so well designed – there’s a place to put everything from snowboards and boots to clothes and your computer, all of which I need. So whatever one you choose, I know you’ll be good to go."

Why don't you give Bag Check a try! Then come back and tell us how well Burton's new system was able to match a bag to your needs.

Burton Bag Check Video