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Anon Optics iPhone AppApps for smartphones are rapidly changing every facet of our lives and snowboarding is no exception. Anon Optics has a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android which now allows snowboards to create detailed journals of their snowboarding days.

The Anon app not only photographs and records, but makes it easy for you to share as well - which is great if you want to make all your Facebook friends jealous!

Snowboarding Journals

The Anon app is a free download and as soon as you get it, you can start creating your own journal. You can take a photo of the local conditions, record things like the snowfall and snow conditions, and of course notes of what's been happening. Once you have a day's journal finished, you can quickly share it on Facebook with everyone who's stuck back in the office.

Anon team rider Gabi Viteri says: "Anon’s new Journal makes it super easy to log my days on hill and share with friends where I've been shredding on Facebook. I’m loving the new update!"

Anon team rider Jack Mitrani says: "The Journal is easy to use and has all the features I’d want in an app. It comes in real handy when I’m on the road. I can now share with all my Friends what mountain I’m at, who I rode with and upload photos all in one rad little package. I use the Anon app more than my Facebook account, and that is saying something!"

Anon Optics

The Anon app does a lot more, too. It's original features revolve around the ability to test various Anon goggle lens tints so you can see with the phone exactly what sorts of goggles or tints will work best for the current weather and light conditions. Then you can browse the various frame and color styles that are available for Anon goggles.

You can get started with the Anon Optics app by downloading it for free here.

You can learn more about Anon Optics goggles right here at Burton.