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Shaun White Double McTwist VideoHave you ever seen a Double McTwist on a snowboard? A 'regular' McTwist is a skateboarding trick in which the rider doest a front flip while also spinning a backside 540. Different grabs can be used to add some extra style. A Double McTwist 1260 requires two flips with three and a half spins. On a sesame seed bun.

The Double McTwist was created in early 2010 by Shaun White and here's a video of Shaun demonstrating it:

Shaun White is a superstar of Snowboarding in America. He's won two Olympic gold medals for the United States and multiple medals at other snowboarding championships. White has numerous professional achievements in his career, including several "firsts" like being the first snowboarder to ever win consecutive gold medals in the Winter X-Games Superpipe and being the first to win both a Summer and Winter Dew Cup.