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Salomon’s Rockette 90 Ski for the Ladies Hot

Salomon’s Rockette 90 Ski

Basic Product Info

Product Type
Product Name
Rockette 90
Rockette 90


153/161/169/177 cm
130/88/116 (169 cm)

Ski Specs

Ski Type
Ski Features
Pulse Pad, Edgy Monocoquem, Full Woodcore

The Rockette is Salomon’s answer to women. The full twin rocker comes off the heels this season’s success with the Rocker 2 122 — a twin rocker designed for an all-mountain experience encompassing deep-powder, big landings and fast turns on groomers. This fall, Salomon introduces a ski specifically for the hard-charging women, complete with women’s sizing and cool purple and gray graphics.

The Rockette 90 is denoted numerically for its waist width. The mid-fat ski is light and playful and rips through bumps and powder. Yet it’s solid enough to power through crud and clumpy spring slush. And, it’s stiff enough to hold steady on hard pack — something not every powder ski can pull off.

Rockette Design & Performance

The Rockette’s twin rocker shape is designed for maneuverability. The rocker in the tip and tail allow for 40-80% contact with the snow, depending upon whether the skier is carving or skiing a straight line. The resulting pivot almost feels like a spin, making it exciting and easy to ride switch.

The Rockette’s full wood core from tip to tail means it remains stable on the snow, while giving skiers the rebound they need. It also reduces vibration in high-speed, hard-pack conditions.

Its edgy monocoque allows the skier to efficiently transfer her energy to the ski, so it responds with precise edge grip. The edge-free tip and tail of the Rockette results in smooth turns. Underfoot, it feels as though you’re skiing a much lighter, shorter ski because at any given time, only 60% of the edge may be in contact with snow.

A layer of rubber along the edges and other zones, called the Pulse Pad, translates to a smoother ride as the Rockettes contact the snow. Meanwhile, fibers stiffen the edges, allowing for excellent durability and grip.

Who Should Ski the Rockettes?

Whether you’re an intermediate skier who needs practice keeping your weight centered or an advanced skier ready to ride, the Rockette will rev up your energy. These skis beg to play, be it in the terrain park, a powder field or fast groomers: They want to charge hard and will remind skiers what the sport is all about.

The twin rocker design encourages intermediates to get out of the backseat and maintain a centered, more forward-driving stance. It also reminds advanced skiers who may feel a little bored on another ski just how fun quick radius turns, bumps, fast GS turns and jumps can be again.

by Kimberly Nicoletti

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