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Why Schlep your Equipment? Valet Service Brings Equipment Straight to Skiers

Ski ButlerHave your equipment brought to you with Ski Butlers A ski vacation can be fun and memorable, but it can also be an organizational headache. Everyone looks forward to the freedom that comes with carving the side of a mountain, but sometimes the logistics it takes to get there outweighs the fun. Bringing your own gear to the hill can be both expensive and a hassle, so many casual skiers rent skis for their vacations. But renting becomes a drag when you arrive to the mountain, only to find yourself in an hour-long line at the stuffy rental house.

There are businesses attempting to eliminate this step from your relaxing vacation.Ski Butlers is an innovational company that rents skis and snowboards in Colorado, California, Utah, Wyoming and British Colombia. The difference is you don’t go to Ski Butlers, they come to you, perhaps eliminating the biggest headache in your ski vacation.

The company offers a wide range of gear—from high performance to recreational. Skiers can book as late as the day of, but the earlier the better. (Not only do you have more selection but Ski Butlers also offers 10% off all equipment reserved a week in advance). You tell them where and when to drop off the equipment and they will send their truck to meet you. Minutes later, you’re suited up, ready to take on the slopes.

Pickup works the same way. Tell Ski Butlers where and when to meet you and they come to retrieve their skis and snowboards. This eliminates another drag of the ski rental process—standing in the rental house dripping with snow while employees frantically check all of the days’ rentals.

Adult skis and boards start at $39 per day, not including the early rental discount. You can also rent accessorielogo_skibutlersVisit their webpage for more informations like helmets, goggles, hand warmers or socks for those especially cold days.

You may have some skepticism from this whole process. What if the equipment doesn’t fit? What if they don’t show up? What happens if we have a problem at the hill? Ski Butlers is prepared. They bring alternate sizes to the fitting session and they guarantee promptness for pickup and drop off. Additionally, a representative is available by phone throughout the skiing hours each day in case you have any problems.

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