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Skizee: The Unique Alternative to Snowmobiling Hot

Skizee is the hybrid of Snowmobiling and SkiingThe Skizee

It’s almost February and the winter is getting long. Unfortunately for those who live far from mountains, the exhilarating relief of skiing is non-existent.

Not to worry, there’s officially a new invention that still lets you ski even when there’s no hill to ski down.  No, not cross-country skiing. The Skizee, by inventing minds incorporated, solves that problem. It’s a tread device that propels the skier across the snow. Think of the Skizee as something between a snowmobile and a Segway.

The machine itself looks like a lawn mower. The skier puts downhill skis and boots on, starts the Skizee and that’s it. The powered tread sits behind the user who is pushed by the machine while holding two stabilizing bars that double as the throttle control. The device pushes you around at speeds up to 22 miles per hour.

The Skizee offers a compact alternative to a snowmobile. Once folded up the machine easily fits into a trunk, giving people the option of exploring backcountry without having to own a truck or a trailer. The backcountry explorer is market Skizee inventor Jim Maidment and his business partner Tim Park are hoping to cater to.

However, the backcountry exploration will be limited to roughly 23 miles as that is the distance one-gallon tank is capable of going. While the Skizee engine is more efficient than most snowmobiles engines, snowmobiles tend to have a longer range because of larger fuel tanks.

The aluminum body encases a 10.5 hp four-stroke combustion engine with an electric starter. One cool feature of the Skizee is that essentially doubles as a generator, offering outlets to charge anything you may need on your excursion.

It will be interesting to see if the Skizee catches on in the winter sports market. It does have some interesting features, but be prepared for its $2,500 price tag.

Perhaps the Skizee is the hot new winter accessory. Or it may be a dud of an invention—it still isn’t available to the general public, so consumers will just have to wait and see.

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+2 #1 Wendy 2011-02-07 06:20
The writer of this article actual sold me on this new concept of skiing. It looks like a great alternative when in an area where you can't rely on gravity to prevail.

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