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All-New Women's Specific Helmet to Hit Market

bern-helmetBern Unlimited's Lenox helmet

Extreme sports protection company, Bern Unlimited, is releasing a new, women-specific ski and snowboard helmet—The Lenox. The visor style helmet has been generating some buzz after some very positive market testing among athletes and consumers.

Obviously, there are numerous types of ski and snowboard helmets on the market. Many of these are inexpensive but cumbersome and clunky.

Bern specalizes in making comfortable, low-weight helmets that offer protection without compromising comfort or performance. The Lenox is perfect for the recreational skier that wants to stay safe but doesn’t need the excessive protection offered from professional style helmets.

“We wanted to address shell size and also stay true to the evolution of our line,” said CEO and Founder Dennis Leedom. “The result is the Lenox with a women specific design from the ground up, smaller shell, tapered entry points, stylish ladies knits and key colorways.”

The Lenox features Bern’s new thinshell technology--the base of the helmet. The thinshell technology creates a thin, tapered shell that is lighter than many microshell helmets on the market. However, Bern’s thinshell technology is ultra-strong, giving the user the protection of many thick, hardshell helmets currently on the market.

Bern pro skier, Shanny Cohen says, “The Lenox is exactly what women have been waiting for. Smaller shell size designed specifically to fit the ladies. Not to mention the fact you'll be 20% lighter with the Bern thinshell technology!”

Focusing on lightweight and comfortable helmets may be a wise decision by Bern, as laws that enforce helmet use while skiing and snowboarding continue to gain momentum in the United States.

In an industry that predominantly caters to men, Bern has a head start in women specialized helmets. Bern is the only helmet manufacturer that makes an equal amount of men’s and women’s helmets. They offer six styles for each gender in their current line.

The Bern Lenox will retail for $109.95. For more information visit

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