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SkiTown iPhone AppWith smartphones taking over our way of communication, 'app' usage is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives.  If you're an avid skier or snowboarder, the 'SkiTown Deals' app might be a worthy investment.


The $.99 app compiles information regarding over 520 North American ski resorts to help guide you toward your dream ski trip. Search for any resort and get a wealth of information about the skiing conditions including photos, descriptions, mountain statistics, and up to the minute snow conditions.


If you live in an area with many different ski options you won't have to guess where the best conditions are, SkiTown Deals will tell you.  Looking for a good burger after a long day on the slopes? SkiTown Deals will give you reviews and prices of the surrounding restaurants. Plus, built in maps get you to the resort quickly and painlessly.

Despite all these nice features, the best part of SkiTown Deals is the deals that come with it. Most resort offer coupons through the app. The coupons include discounted lift tickets, rentals, food and lodging. Avid skiers that ski many different resorts have claimed the app has already saved them hundreds of dollars. While this may not be the situation for casual skiers, there are still plenty of coupons that make the app worth it.

Even if you only ski once a year, you'll certainly retain your $.99 investment via the app's extensive list of coupons. Who knows, maybe SkiTown Deals will guide you to your next favorite mountains.

To purchase SkiTown Deals, go to the iTunes store.


-Max Selim

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