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Skier's Edge Provides Major Competitive Advantage Hot

Skier's EdgeThe margin of victory in today’s amateur and profession competition is miniscule, as top-notch fitness typically serves as the principle difference between winning and losing, first and second place.

There’s no singular secret in attaining elite level endurance (besides hardwork), although the Skier’s Edge training machine is widely accepted as an industry standard in athlete development.

With five different models, the Skier’s Edge provides, “interchangeable platforms and various resistance settings...[that] will quickly improve skiing technique, lateral strength, agility, balance, and overall fitness.”

Beginning and intermediate skiers benefit from increased balance, stability and edge control while advanced skiers fortify strength and learn to navigate powder and bumps.

Starting with the Classic Model, moving up to the new World Cup Plyometric machine, users can burn between 810-1,500 calories-per-hour depending on the setting – certainly a serious aerobic workout to compliment the training exercise.

In just twenty minutes, those training with the machine can develop those facets of their skiing previously listed while simulating 5-10 challenging downhill runs, according to the company.

Originally, the Skier’s Edge, based in Park City, gained notoriety by supplying the United States’ Ski Team, yet it quickly caught on with other national teams worldwide. Other top skiing nations, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway, to name a few, have incorporated the machine into their conditioning repertoire.

Today, the Skier’s Edge finds itself in facilities everywhere; professional leagues such as the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA, major universities, sports medicine clinics and rehab centers all utilize the machine to further participant mobility and athletic ability.

It’s seemingly ubiquitous inclusion within all major leagues and training professions is high praise for a relatively new piece of equipment, invented just 23 years old, when compared with much of the standard equipment found in training facilities.

Company founder Joel Loane created the product seeking a way to strengthen his knees, get a great aerobic workout, and be in condition for each ski season after doctors told him he could no longer endure the high impact of running.

Skier’s Edge machines are not available via retail sales and must be directly purchased from the company. New models range from $1,500 and up, however, older models are available and decreased prices through merchants such as Ebay.

-Ryan O'Leary

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