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LekiInnovating upon the standard notion of ski bindings, the Leki Company has invented a binding system for ski poles that optimizes the skiing experience.

The new trigger system is designed to allow a skier’s hands to have a tight grip on Leki’s ski poles at all times and increase the amount of control a skier has during their ride.

All four models, including the Trigger S Speed Grip, Trigger S Grip, Trigger 1V2 Grip and PA Security Grip come with an easy lock and release button to engage and disengage your hand from the pole.

For safety purposes, the apparatus automatically disengages if twisted or tugged in an unusual manner – protecting the skier and those around in case something goes awry.

All trigger system poles are made with the same high quality that Leki has always aimed to produce. They come in a wide variety of shaft sizes and can be made with a number of various aluminum grades. Additionally, the system poles have an ultrasonic finish, carbide flextip and cobra basket.

These new binding poles are great for the serious skier and ski racers, but the Trigger S isn’t just designed for the seasoned skier. The Trigger S is a great safety feature, benefiting any snow bunny. Since there are no straps or pole dragging, it eliminates risks of injury.

On Leki’s website, poles featuring the Trigger System range in price from $99.99 up to $229.99 for a pair. Leki also makes alpine gloves that combine perfectly with these newly innovated poles.

-Ryan O'Leary

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