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PortaSki Makes Carrying Skis a Thing of the Past Hot

PortaSkiEveryone knows that carrying skis and poles around the mountain can be quite a nuisance. Well, that cumbersome task is a thing of the past with PortaSki, a gadget that takes all of the hassle out of totting your gear.

PortaSki is a small device that comes with an ergonomically designed and patented wheel-sled and detachable handle.

According to the Portaski website, “The lightweight pocket-sized device takes seconds to attach and carries up to 70% of the weight of your skis, meaning it can be used by children and adults.”

The company is not lying about the size, strength and ease of use with the PortaSki. All the user has to do is detach the handle from the sled, pop the skis onto the sled and secure with the velcro strap and then affix the handle to the other end of the skis.

After those three simple steps, your skis and poles are ready to be dragged in the snow or on dry ground.

PortaSki is the invention of Mike Johnston, a British inventor based in Barnsley, England. He spend years perfecting the design, all the while trying to ensure that it would enhance the skiing experience for users.

PortaSki comes with a price tag of roughly $30 and a full two-year warranty guarantee. It has already been reviewed by The Sun and The Mail and received some impressive reviews related to its portability and effectiveness.

Still, the product is yet to crack the all-important North American market and once it does we can get a better feel for how it’s received by the skiing market.

-Ryan O'Leary

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