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Don't Be 'Bamboo'zled; Green Skis Rising Hot

BambooThe topic of ‘green skiing’ is typically accompanied by discussion of how transportation and mountain infrastructure affects the mountains we frequent.

Rarely ever is there mention of the skis and boards that are strapped to our feet.

That is changing as several ski and snowboard manufacturers are efforting to create green skis and snowboards as an extension of the rapidly growing movement.

Some of those producers will recycle your old boards, while others fashion their items out of certified, local wood. But, the overwhelming majority of these green ski makers are implementing bamboo at the core of their products due to its extremely environmentally friendly nature.

The reason for bamboo is that it is an extremely hard substance, just as much as other woods employed in ski making, but breaks down and biodegrades much easier than its counterparts.

Besides bamboo being lovable for the environment, it’s also extremely helpful in crafting a technically sound ski, so says Liberty Skis from Colorado.

“Bamboo is strong, light, eco friendly, and gives our skis a unique stability and liveliness not found with any other material. Bamboo helps you ski better.”

That opinion is backed by Kingwood Skis in New Zealand, one of the earliest producers of bamboo skis, “Our skis cut through the heavy stuff with no problem and still nice and responsive when the terrain gets tight."

A pair of Liberty’s Helix skis will run around $759 depending on where you buy and what time during the year. That price is in line with many of the other mainstream ski and snowboard producers such as K2 and Nordica.

Here is a list, from SkiNet, as to the ten most green ski manufacturers, with links, on the market:

Kingswood Megafat 185

Handmade skis from New Zealand. This company was one of the first to utilize a bamboo core. Bamboo, as you may know, grows rapidly and is, therefore, sustainable. Learn more about Kingswood skis.


Movement Joystick 176

These skis are made out of trees certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification


Grown Skis

Grown Skis has dedicated half of its mission statement to eco-friendliness. They will recycle your old skis to make furniture and use wood scraps as insulation.


Blue House District 187

Blue House makes the core of these skis out of rapidly replenished bamboo.


Lokomotiv Freebird 190

Lokomotiv uses bamboo cores and plants a tree for every pair of skis made.


Karhu BC 100

Karhu uses local wood in their skis.


Liberty Jinx 164

Liberty makes these skis with a bamboo core.


Obsidian Fifthen

Obsidian's Fifthen skis have a bamboo core as well as a bamboo sidewall.


Boomtown Valhallas 173

Boomtown makes the ski cores out of bamboo


High Society Classic 177

High Society is another company that uses bamboo in their skis.

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