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thebindingTwisted Bindings announces a revolutionary new snowboarding device that allows riders the ability to rotate their front foot 90 degrees, parallel to the board, similar to that used in skateboarding. 

How does it work? Pretty simple, actually. The Twisted Bindings’ thin plates fit between the snowboard deck and the traditional binding, activated by simply releases a spring-loaded pin and moving the foot until it locks into place. 

The benefits of Twisting Bindings are incredible. It allows the rider to minimize knee pain and maximize the amount of comfort and maneuverability. Speaking of comfort, because of its design, Twisted Bindings allow users the ability to ride a chair lift infinitely easier. Finally, the user also has the power to choose a stance that best suits them in both powder and park.   

“The concept of Twisted Bindings stemmed from years of hearing the same complaints - knee problems, limited mobility and chairlift difficulties,” said Leslie Miller, president, Twisted Bindings. “We came to realize that the relationship between boards and bindings has remained basically unaltered since snowboarding’s inception- and we set out to change that.”

Twisted Bindings is expected to officially launch September 1.

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